Wind turbines in the wind

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Wind turbines, Dungeness, Kent, England, UK

Wind turbines, Dungeness, Kent, England, UK

I was cycle touring along the south coast of England, and was en-route to Dungeness. For an hour or two as I approached Dungeness I could see a layer of purpleish, bluey grey clouds laying thick above the horizon. As I got closer so the clouds grew angrier, and the wind windier…..and as I fought the wind on my bike on my way towards the coast this composition popped out of the landscape.

Apart from taking this picture, it was a good excuse to eat a mars bar and sit down on the grass. This weather continued like this for three days, and not once did I get rained on, even though I could see the tell tale but distant streaks of rain surrounding me……but it did however, offer me great photo opportunities…

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